Is there a way to close activated row using a button

I know there is a way to activate or open row for editing upon clicking a button. But I’m wondering if with there is a way to do the opposite of opening a row for editing.

I’m trying to build a system where I can click one button to add a row and edit it, then click a “Done” button that will close out the row open for editing.

I hope this makes sense.

thanks for the help,

Hi @Ethan_Liston :blush: !

Yes, this is possible by using something like this in your Action formula :blush:


You could also use a “canvas landmark” and the url of the landmark instead :blush:

I’m not exactly sure how this might work on long table though as I’ve only used this on small filtered tables fitting my screen :innocent:

Hope this helps :blush: !

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Wow, this works for my project.
thanks for your help!

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No problem @Ethan_Liston :grin: !

I’m very glad to know this works :raised_hands:

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