Use buttons to close windows

Hello, I have a UX request relating to the window displayed when a row is opened (modal window?).

I appreciate that as info is added to the fields in the window, that data is automatically added and saved to the table. However, my end-users, who are probably more used to the online form experience, might be looking for a “Save”, or “Submit”, or something like that.

I can fake this feature to some degree. A save button could tick a “Saved” checkbox and then disable the button; and I could get any new row changes to untick the box and enable the save button.

Is there a way to make a button close the window though? And if not, could this be added somehow?

It’s not my first choice to add features that don’t really provide a function, but a more familiar UX will help with roll-out. Some of my users will be new to tools such a this so removing the anxiety from simple things like closing a window will really help them engage with the product.

Thank you!

Failing that, perhaps the existing close “x” and “< back” buttons could stand out a little more. Maybe a little more contrast to aid accessibility?

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One way to achieve this would be to make modal-wide elements (edit layout, menu, close “x”, breadcrumbs, etc) sticky at the top of the modal.

Hi there

Would this help?

Interesting, will give that a try. Thanks for that :+1: