Easy way to minimize expanded row view?

Hi, I am a big user of keyboard shortcuts, and I’ve been struggling a bit with the row “details” window when done working. Aside from reaching over to the “esc” key, is there any way to close the window more quickly, some key combo? I don’t see this in the keyboard shortcut list.

If not, would you guys consider adding a keyboard shortcut for this? Like “ctrl” + “x” (because that’s similar to “x”'ing out with the mouse?)

Thanks guys!

@Kelsey_Chan can you (and your team) please review this feedback? [based on this forum post]

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Yup, I can forward this feedback to the team :blush:


Hey @Kelsey_Chan, just wanted to return to this one as it would be a huge help for me as I use keyboard shortcuts extensively in Coda, but this causes me frequently to reach for the mouse! Would greatly appreciate any updates on when this might get to production.


Hi @ABp,

That makes sense to have a keyboard shortcut to close the modal window and the escape key is kinda far to travel. ctrl + x is mostly known for cutting and pasting, so not sure that one would work, but there might be other combinations we could check on.

One difficult part of this is leaving enough open for future options too, so this might not be something we can hurry on. It’s in our notes though and logged in our tracker, so it’ll be seen when we’re considering keyboard shortcuts.

Hey @BenLee, great to get your commentary as always.

Yes of course “ctrl” + “x” is a terrible choice for this, as that is about as universal a shortcut for “cut” as they come!

The way I use the keyboard, I’ve gotten used to keeping the fingers around the more readily “typeable” characters by memory, so things like “tab,” “shift,” “ctrl,” etc. In Excel for example I found it was easy for me to use the shortcut “ctrl” + “;” to quickly insert a date, moreso than if I would need to reach over to “F2” which I also used a lot. Keys such as function keys, or “esc” will take me a bit out of my flow. I’m also use at times a MacBook Pro with the infamous Multi-Touch bar, and the “esc” key is not there at times by default.

I have to say though in hindsight this is a very small priority for me, so I apologize if I made it appear a high priority for my usage of Coda. It’s not. And the fact that you guys have an “x” in the right-hand corner is very useful if you are navigating around with the Mouse.

And speaking of priorities, if I could selfishly ask if you guys have any thoughts on this post below:

Being able to minimize the Details window to the right side of the screen, which is a big feature of the new Jira, among other apps, I think would help a ton with my UX in Coda. Very useful to see rows in context when you can see most of the underlying table, or board in the case of a dev stand-up, for example.

Hope this is useful commentary, and thanks again!

Also, having made this request, I want to point out that you guys have some amazing keyboard shortcuts already built in that make moving around uncannily easy at times. A lot of other apps I’ve tried can’t easily handle moving around fields. Many will react to “tab,” but a lot of times poorly and it’s hard to tell if that’s just the browser behavior, and nothing to do with the app.

And I recently discovered the spacebar/return combo when selecting from drop downs - really innovative here guys! The way you show - in the drop down list itself! - the selected options in another shade of blue alongside the cursor moving with the arrow keys towards selection. Great Stuff!