Pressing ESC does not close right-view modal under certain circumstances

Hi Coda team,
Upon using the new right-view modal, I noticed that if I change focus to the page, the ESC keyboard shortcut doesn’t close the modal anymore.

One use case in which that happened was when I pressed a row button to open a modal. Because now the page is exposed, I was able to access the table behind the modal while it was opened. Instinctively, to close the modal, I presses the button again, as a toggle. This changed the focus to the page and, of course, didn’t close the modal. Then the second thing I tried was to press ESC, but the focus was on the page by then, so nothing happened.

The right-view feature is actually REALLY helpful for my implementation. But the lack of a toggle quality created this new problem. I was trying to fix that with OpenWindow() approaches, but couldn’t make it work because the button is pressed throught a view, not the original table in another page.

So I’m here to talk about this “bug” (more of a UX problem) and to ask for help on how to make a toggle open/close button without changing context (just closing the modal).


Heya @Felipe_Griebel! Currently, the ESC key closes the modal when located on it. That is, you’d need to click on it and then hit ESC, like in this visual. Your use case and feedback described here have been shared with the team, thanks for flagging :smile: