Hide source table/view link in open row modal

Dear Codans,

is this new:

I can’t recall having seen this in the past, and it is seriously messing up my carefully crafted program flow. I am using views of tables from which my users can expand rows to get a nice layout. Having this new link on top of every opened row allows them to return to a different part of my document than where they came from - which can (and will) cause serious problems.

I am seeing something similar in the three little bullet menu:

If this it to stay, please make it optional!

Another solution might be to show a link to the originating table (which might be a view. It has been ‘good practice’ for a while to keep a clean, unfiltered table somewhere in your doc as the main source for all the views we are building. Often, that is a table where you don’t want to directly do any work on data and it can ‘live’ on a page with many other tables like that. But you definitely don’t want to end up in that page by clicking on a link in the heading (or heading menu) when doing your daily work.

Greetings, Joost


Hey Joost, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I think this has always been there if I recall correctly. I see what you mean about it making it difficult to control the flow you’re trying to create in your doc. I think when clicking on it we used to teleport you to the row’s table/view header vs closing the row and returning you to the row’s position the same way the “x” does to close the row. I really appreciate your attention to detail here! I’ll keep an eye out for the vote count as well.

Do you mind renaming this post to “Hide source table/view link in open row modal”? I think it’d help with collecting votes here and gauging interest for this product change.


Since I wrote the message above, Coda has changed the return point of this table link. As far as I can tell, it will always return you to the place where you expanded the row.

This makes it a lot better than it was upon releasing this new feature - but it can still confuse users (although nothing bad happens when they click this new link).
@Codans: if we could give the link a custom name (like “return”, “close modal”, “save and close”), it would actually improve the UX. Preferably we could leave out “row from” if we can use a custom name for this link.