Back missing if open row via button

In many tables I have added a Button column with the action “Open row” to make it more obvious for the users to open the row, rather than hovering the mouse on the left of the first column of the row to see the “Expand row” icon.

I am encountering the issue that the “Back” function doesn’t exist if the page was opened via the “open row” button, whereas it works if the page is opened through “expand view”

Example of table with this issue (open the Project 1 row, then open one of the “P0 Actions” entries via button and expand view):

Any thought on how to have an open row link always visible and back navigation working?

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I don’t know if that’s related to your problem but Opening rows is #1 complaint I hear from my team: Coda UX is a total mess if you have multiple embedded tables (e.g. Task list inside the Project row). They rightfully expect that closing the task will bring them back to the project where the task was opened, but it will bring them to the list of projects. So if you open a project with a button, you can close it and get back to the previous view, but if you do the same with the task you opened from the project view close button will have a totally different behaviour. And I confirm that one of the tables inside “Project” table has behaviour you have described. So if you open it’s row you are landing in the modal on top of the Project list, navigation out from the project.
I hope Coda team will be able to hire better UX designers and UX researchers, as some of their decisions are super strange :grin:


Same issue with my users

FYI Coda’s support team confirmed it’s a bug, they opened a ticket with their dev team.


Thanks @Mana_Coste - our back links have disappeared recently as well.

It’s become a major annoyance for my users, so while we wait for Coda to fix the issue, today I added a Back button with the command
OpenRow(thisRow.[PARENT TABLE])

It does the job, unfortunately the Back function of the mouse still closes the view.

Any update when this is coming back? Still seems to be broken? But now intermittent?

It looks like the bug is fixed. Close button now navigates to the previous screen.
Thanks, Codanians for the quick reaction.


They fixed the behaviour if you open a task from the card, but didn’t fix it for buttons with Activate(). It looks like Activate() redirects from the project view to the project list view and opens the modal, so there is no way to get back to the view from which the screen was opened.

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