OpenRow() or Activate() actions don't display "back" navigation button

Hello there !

I noticed that a convenient “Back” navigation button was added to modal views when opening a row inside a row by clicking on it :

Google Chrome - Boosteur IA - v0.9 · Bases de données

This back button does not appear if we open a row through OpenRow() or Activate() formulas, which leads to browsing difficulties for the end user (whereas the same action in actually performed (I guess)).

Here are steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. You expand a row of a table (1 screen opened)
  2. In that row, you click on a button that opens another table row (2nd screen opened)
  3. As you don’t see the “back” button, you only choice to “come back to previous state” is to click on “close” button ==> The 2 screens are then closed instead of the last one only

Can you do something about that issue ?

Best regards :pray:


This issue seems to have been addressed :+1: Thank you Coda :pray:
(Let us know by answering here when you do so ?)

Kind regards