OpenRow and back navigation?


I’ve noticed an inconsistency in the navigation experience when expanding table rows using the standard expand button versus the OpenRow() function. When using the standard expand button, the resulting modal (or fullscreen) views provide a convenient back button [<<] when the navigation depth is greater than 1. For example, expanding a project row shows table of tasks. Expanding a task row results in a modal with back button that takes you seamlessly back to the expanded project.

However, this helpful back-button feature seems to be missing when using the OpenRow() function. In this case, the back-button is absent, and the only available option is to close the modal, which navigates all the way back.

To enhance user navigation and consistency, it would be beneficial if the OpenRow() function could also incorporate a back button [<<] in its resulting modal, mirroring the behavior of the standard expand button.

is there anyway to achieve this?


I guess if you are on the full screen, closing the window should always bring you to the previous screen where you opened that window. In your example, it makes perfect sense to bring the user back to the project where he opened the task. This way, we are not having modalities of the same control. In one scenario, “Close” brings you back; in a different scenario, it takes you two steps back. This pattern is strange and makes users learn to look for a small back button to get back, and if it’s not available, to reach the little “Close” icon.
BTW on my Mac “Esc” doesn’t work as the “Close Row” button. And Coda unfortunately does not support navigating to the previous view with custom formulas.

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+1 for this question/need :
How to have the “back” button displayed when we use OpenRow or Activate formulas ?
(And shouldn’t it be present by default ?)

Totally agree. Here is an example where it doesn’t work :

  1. You expand a row of a table (1 screen opened)
  2. In that row, you click on a button that opens another table row (2nd screen opened)
  3. You don’t see the back button, so you click on “close” ==> The 2 screens are closed instead of the last one only
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I’ve reported already many bags to Coda. Sometimes they fix it. Please commit a bug. They fixed the behaviour if you open task from the card, but didn’t fix it for buttons with Activate(). It looks like Activate() redirects from the project view to the project list view and opens the modal, so there is no way to get back.

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Thank you @Yuriy_Mykhasyak for the suggestion !
Bug topic created here :crossed_fingers:

Kind regards

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