"Back" when opening big cell editor

This is a trivial, but IMHO a needed feature.
When you open a big cell text editor you have no way to go back where you left.
It is implemented when you go to other table details instead.

Please add this “back” also when editing the text in the modal window. See the picture as a reference:


Hi Francesco, try just hitting the close X in the top tight corner. Our app is constantly saving so you just need to close the window to get back to where you left off.


Hi @tjeby,
Unfortunately it doesn’t resolve this issue.
The use case is slightly different .

Use Case:

  1. You have a table. You decide to expand the row of that table so you can navigate it using a modal/card view
  2. you go next next next and at a certain point you see an item (column) which contains rows from another table
  3. you decide to dig in clicking on a row of another table
  4. Coda automatically loads all the data (column) of the other table (giving you the chance to go back to the original view/table. Screenshot with back attached above)
  5. While you are in the other view of the other table you decide to expand a Big Text column to write things in advanced mode
  6. when you are done, you click on the “X” to close the big cell and you loose completely the context and where you were before entering the big text editor

Are you able to picture the use case? if not, i’ll try to screenshot the flow…