Return to last point in Coda: modal or table

This contribution is about different ways modals link you back to your page: one step back or source table. There are different ways to open a modal - in my docs I prefer an (edit) button. When done looking at or editing the modal, there are a few different ways to close the modal and return to… , yes return to where?

Please copy my little sample doc to see where you end up after opening and closing modals by different means.

The most visible one is the link top-left, returning you to the table where you started - or the top right X next to the kebab menu.

I made a small sample to illustrate this:
My ‘working’ table is a view of my contacts table. Upon opening a modal (either with the Edit button or through the standard Coda open modal button), my modal opens.

Upon hitting esc or clicking on the top left table link (or using the kebab menu), I end up where I started, the page with the view of my contact table.

However, when I hoover over my object (in my sample doc Joost or Alice) and I open the modal with the little open modal button:
a modal to the main contact table is opened. The table link top left points brings me to the main table - and that is (often) not what we want. A maker option to either hide this table link, just show “back” (to where we started) is very much needed.

Something similar happens when you open a modal from within another modal. I know we can build some workarounds, but as long as this table link (to the main table) can’t be hidden, users will make mistakes.