Bug: Clicking a canvas sometimes changes the layout

  • Open a row in fullscreen or the new “right” layout
  • Click a cell such as a canvas
  • The layout will change to modal
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Oh, not even related to sub-tables, it’s enough to click on a canvas cell belonging to the same table

Same thing happens in the new “right” layout

Simplified the example with only two clicks, removed the subtable.

Bug occurs both in Chrome and Edge

If you manually set the layout to fullscreen in the new menu, the bug doesn’t happen


Bumping this again, surprised it’s not getting more attention, am I the only one experiencing this? :sweat_smile:

Now the layout was “right”, I clicked a canvas column, and it changed to fullscreen.

Seems to be some kind of desync issue happening

I can confirm this bug with full-screen layout, not with right side layout.
I also see that full-screen doesn’t close upon using ESC, where center and right had layout do close. Not sure if full-screen used to close when using ESC, I don’t use full screen.

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Yay this is fixed now - on to the next related bug: