Viewing another row (in center on right view mode) from a full-screen row

Hi, I have some functionally change since the latest update that introduced right view mode. The problem is this: I have a table inside a row, let’s call it row X. While I view row X in full-screen, I can’t view the rows in the table, or any mentions of rows (@row-name) that are in the canvas of row X. This used to be possible before the update, I could open in center view other rows while remaining in the view of row X, and it is very important for the way I work. So it is essentially keep viewing the row I am in (Fullscreen mode) while viewing in center or right mode other rows or mentions.


Hey @Ronen_Bar I think it’d be helpful to see a screencast of what you’re describing. Thanks in advance!

I am now inside a full screen row called “zoom out”. It has a canvas with a table, in the table a row called “longtermism”. When I press the Open button in the longtermism row, or if I open the “longtermism” row in any other way, I loose the view of “zoom out” row, so I will either have longtermism in fullscreen, or “longtermism” in right view mode, but the other hald of the screen will go back to the original table of “zoom out” row. Is that clear or still not very much? I want to continue seeing the Zoom out row on the left side, and see the longtermism row on the right side. Before the latest update that used to be possible with center view


Thanks for following up with that information @Ronen_Bar ! After checking in with our team, it appears as if they have already added your information to an existing bug that the team is investigating. That said, we have moved this post to the Suggestion Box: Bugs section of the Community and somebody from the Coda team will be following up with any updates on this issue. Thanks for hanging in there!