Viewing another row (in center on right view mode) from a full-screen row

Hi, I have some functionally change since the latest update that introduced right view mode. The problem is this: I have a table inside a row, let’s call it row X. While I view row X in full-screen, I can’t view the rows in the table, or any mentions of rows (@row-name) that are in the canvas of row X. This used to be possible before the update, I could open in center view other rows while remaining in the view of row X, and it is very important for the way I work. So it is essentially keep viewing the row I am in (Fullscreen mode) while viewing in center or right mode other rows or mentions.


Hey @Ronen_Bar I think it’d be helpful to see a screencast of what you’re describing. Thanks in advance!

I am now inside a full screen row called “zoom out”. It has a canvas with a table, in the table a row called “longtermism”. When I press the Open button in the longtermism row, or if I open the “longtermism” row in any other way, I loose the view of “zoom out” row, so I will either have longtermism in fullscreen, or “longtermism” in right view mode, but the other hald of the screen will go back to the original table of “zoom out” row. Is that clear or still not very much? I want to continue seeing the Zoom out row on the left side, and see the longtermism row on the right side. Before the latest update that used to be possible with center view


Thanks for following up with that information @Ronen_Bar ! After checking in with our team, it appears as if they have already added your information to an existing bug that the team is investigating. That said, we have moved this post to the Suggestion Box: Bugs section of the Community and somebody from the Coda team will be following up with any updates on this issue. Thanks for hanging in there!

Hey @Ronen_Bar ,

We just received news that this bug has been resolved! Can you give it another shot and please let us know if you run into any issues?


Hi, I tried it, still the same. The fullscreen row “collapses” once I open a row inside of it in right mode or center mode


Oh this sounds like the same bug I’ve reported, I can confirm it doesn’t seem fixed

@Ronen_Bar @Rickard_Abraham After further review and consulting with our bug testing team, it sounds like what you have described in your follow up as the expectation of the ideal behavior may be a feature request.

To clarify, previously, when you enter full screen mode and open a subtable row and change the
Display view it did nothing.

Now, when you enter full screen mode and open a subtable row the display changes for all rows in general no matter if this is a subtable.

From what we understand from your follow up comments, it sounds like you are expecting to enter fullscreen of a row, and on the right display a subtable row, like a 2 rows viewing, which is not possible at the moment.

Can you please clarify if this is the case?

Yeah I think you’re right!
I understand it’s not feasible to store two rows in the js push state, that seems like a major feature request.

All I’m hoping for is that you don’t close the fullscreened row in my example when you press the #2 button, like it used to work! :slight_smile:

The current work around is to put the row you wish to have in the background inside a detail view, but this has a few downsides

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Hey Rickard we went ahead and filed this feature request on your behalf. Thanks a bunch and feel free to reach out anytime.


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Yes this is the case. I do see this as a bug, for the reason that it was possible before with center view. I got into a row in full view, opened up rows in a table inside that row and saw both rows, the fullscreen stayed in fullscreen, and the other row opened in center mode. If we call the page that has a table the grandfather, and full-row view of one of the rows in that page the father, and the view of the row inside the full-view row the son, once you could have seen the father and the son, quickly go in and out of sons but stay with the father in fullscreen. Now once you open the son from the father fulscreen row, the view jumps to the grandfather, so you see the grandfather and the son instead of the father and the son. I can add screenshots if this is not clear enough.
For me, one of the most important things if to feel there is no going back. It’s one thing to not have some new features, many people want many different things, but once you already have a functionality, as in this case, and I build a mini-system around it, it makes things more difficult. Even if it was possible to view the son in center mode only, like before, with the father stays in a full screen row, that would be great

For me, the ideal is that fullscreen rows will act like pages, same thing. I generally rather keep info in rows and not in separate pages, because rows can be build into the system, appear where ever you want, you can integrate them much easier into the system. So for me ideally a row will act like a page, and if that was the case (if I copy paste the father into a new page), I could have seen the father and the son in the same time (like I can see the grandfather and the father). Fullscreen rows will have outline, and suggestions for templates like with pages. But those are of course new features.
The best feature in my view would be to be able to store pages inside rows.

Anyway, I very much hope you will make it possible to view a row in center mode while staying in fullscreen in another row, since this is a loss of functionality.

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