Bug when using fullscreen in nested tables

When I open a row of a table in fullscreen and then have another table in the canvas column of that row, if I try open a row in the nested table in fullscreen, the row of the original table closes. This seems to be a bug?
See example doc here:

it is the normal behavior.

but it is unfortunate, i would prefer if the fullpage dialogs remained open behind.

so i provide a “close” button in the child rows that opens the parent row in fullscreen, and that serves a similar purpose.

Thanks for the reply and thanks for your help on this. I’m not sure things are working like they used to.

If I open a row in the first table (using button) and then click on a open button of a row in the child table, this button doesn’t open the row in the child table (although it does show the updated URL in the browser).
If I click the button again, it does open the row of the child table - but if I try to edit a field in that row (e.g. click into the Notes column), the row closes. See example in below doc.

I’ve been using the format of a child table in a parent table for months an experienced non of these issues. It’s only in the last week that something has changed.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there. I’m still having trouble with using fullscreen mode with nested table.
If I open a row in the parent table, then put that row into fullscreen everything works fine.
But then if I open the row of the nested table and then try to put this row into fullscreen, the row from the nested table just closes. Surely this is not expected? @coda-team

This is important to some navigation of a doc I’m working on.
I’d appreciate any help please.

The Coda team has confirmed that this is a bug and is working on it now.