Unintentional Canvas View Changes

Hey fellow Coda experts - this video shows and narrates an issue that I can’t seem to overcome. The goal is simple - click the Canvas button and see the canvas layout intended for that context. It opens fine to the view I want but then abruptly changes to default I believe and a scroll position that is equally undesirable.

Hi @Bill_French2!
(What happened to your old account?)

Have you tried - instead of opening the canvas - using a button that calls explicitly that layout view?
thisRow.openRow([Your_Layout_View], "Modal")

Let me know.


Um, I think I was really tired and distracted by the latest episode of The Old Man. :wink: I have no clue how I got a second account.

I did not even think of that but it worked perfectly. Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

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Happy it did the trick.
A bit late, but same to you! :slight_smile:


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