View-specific locking and customized restrictions


I have been tinkering with Coda AI since I got it.
Is there anyway to have a button trigger AI component on a page or in a table?

Hey @Chen_Zhong,

Great question. We would need to know more about what you are trying to do with this use case. If you have a doc to share or want some closer insight, I would recommend reaching out to support!

Hope that helps.


So currently if I have a canvas AI component to summarize a view of a table, where I have a bunch of canvas control filtering the view, whenever the filter is updated, I have to manually click on the component to regenerate, which is not so good interface-wise. I want to build a doc for others to know clearly where to click and what to expect.

This is something that’s been on the teams mind a good bit. It’s trickier than it sounds because buttons are really powerful and you could end up writing a button action that takes tons of AI refresh actions on a large table.

So it’s definitely on our radar, but is still might take some more research.

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