Confirmation modal option for buttons


It’d be useful to have an option for buttons that enables a confirmation step before proceeding with the action. Useful when you have buttons running a number of actions, especially ones involving deleting rows or sending emails etc and you want to avoid accidental clicks.

You can set this up with OpenRow() action. Make the button open the same row, just in a different layout with confirmation modal. In it you need to press another button to confirm. This button then does the actual action you wanted to do. If you follow Paul’s best practices examples with VIEW pages, you can learn how to do it.


You can also make it inline with the button formula. The button formula is experimental though, and could break anytime.

Here is an example of deleting rows with a confirmation button. The toggle Button toggles the state, if the confirmation buttons should be shown. The confirmation buttons then show the real delete button and again the toggl button with different styling.


If you want a safer option than the experimental button option, you could always do this:

It just utilizes an if statement to change the logic of what the button will do. Try it out


Also, the solution from @Scott_Collier-Weir should work better on mobile :ok_hand:

Nice workarounds, definitely usable solutions in the meantime but I still think it would be an important official addition.