Add a Confirmation Dialog action

Can’t believe I’m asking for a feature that Notion has but it’s a useful one.

I’d love to have a native confirmation dialog feature that would hold off the rest of the button’s action until a confirming action button is clicked.

Now, of course, Coda has an undo capability and so does Notion. But a confirmation dialog can actually be helpful. First, it makes users stop and think. Second, it prevents accidental changes that are easy to overlook and then it’s too late to undo them. And finally there are actions that you cannot undo like sending an email. When it’s out, it’s out.

There is sure a workaround — it’s possible to implement a makeshift dialog with a row modal, and I’m currently actually finishing a video on it oh, actually here it is:

But having a native capability would just be so much easier.

To integrate with the rest of the Actions Framework, the syntax could be something like this:

  "Text of the message",
  "Confirm button label",
  ConfirmAction,        // i.e. an action or RunActions
  "Optional reject button label",

Adding a vote for this basic feature.

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i love this new past paced, feature rich, concentrate style.
well done indeed @Paul_Danyliuk

and… plus one for the feature request

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