Message function

Since a lot of us are using Coda to build app like experiences, it would be nice to allow for some user interaction while executing CFL sequences.

Therefore it would be nice to get a message() function to show a message box on top of everything with some options:

message(“message text”, OK-text:“continue”, cancel-text:“cancel”, color: “red”, hold: true/false). The message box would show the message text, it would always show a minimum of one button with the default text “OK”, but optionally another text and it would show an optional second button with a cancel-text. When left blanc (the 2nd button text) , there would be no 2nd button.

When the user clicks on the first button, the CFL continues execution from where the button function appeared, when the 2nd button is clicked (or ESC is hit), the CFL would stop executing.
After either action the message disappears and then you return to the canvas or modal where you where before executing the function that materialized the message box.

The hold option keeps the box on foreground (unless cancel has been hit) with no active buttons after the OK button has been hit until a clearMessage() function (or a new message()) is executed, meanwhile freezing the screen (nice to make users understand something is going on).

It would allow for a nice UI or UX.


Just bumping this suggestion - it would make my life a lot easier if we had a message box.