How to add a 'click to continue' button?

I’m new to Coda and love the flexibility of Coda. Reccently I have been thinking of adding a button that encourages my reader to click a button to reveal the reamaining contents, or a functionality that the remaining contents be revealed only if they have completed a choice, just like the way or Mathigon do with their courses.
So, is there a method I can do this? Thanks a lot!

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Hi, the general logic I would suggest is to make that button check/uncheck a checkbox when it’s pressed, like

SetControlValue(checkbox1, if(checkbox1, false(), true()))

Then, refer to this checkbox in formulas that display the content only when it’s checked, like

if(checkbox1, <content>, "")

Thank you! I will give a it try and see if it solves my problem.

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