Close popup button / More clear "Complete Entry" for forms


As we’ve continued to expand our use cases for Coda, one use case is allowing members to manage milestones. While doing this, I’m trying to make the learning curve as simple as possible. To help with this, we’ve abstracted things into buttons and forms. So they click a button to “Add Milestone”, up pops a form that has added a row into an audit trail table, and they’ve got to edit some fields. The problem is, there’s no real “Complete Entry” type of functionality. You have to know more about Coda to know you can simply exit out.

I’d love if we could have a more clear submit button on the popup modals, and possibly trigger the ability to “Submit” based off them entering the required details. Another cool option would be some ability to Activate(AddRow()) that doesn’t add the row until Submit is hit, thus blocking incomplete forms. Even more bonus points if I can code the Submit button to also do things like send a Slack message

@Chase_Schwalbach : By “form”, do you mean an expanded new row (which open with Activate()) or a real form ?

Because with forms, there’s a submit button at the bottom :blush: and those forms can be open using a button too :blush: .

I mean with activated pop-ups where I edit the layout to be a form view, those still don’t have submit buttons