Add Toggle to Hide Completed Tasks

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In the Coda Template, “Content Library,” there is the ability to toggle based, on and off “View all content, including completed.”

How can I add this ability to my other tables with columns with checked boxes?

Hi @Christina_Ly

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Here is a simple way.

Just have this very simple layout, and add the toggle.

What you want is filtering your table according to the status of the toggle.

I would use a simple formula like this in the table filter.

  • If the toggle is not activated, then we only want uncompleted task. Otherwise, I write a dummy equality to say to coda “do nothing”

Please let me know if I well understood your point (I did not open the template you mentionned)




This fix worked!

Small caveat is that when I was writing the formula, the “show_completed” or toggle attribute didn’t appear, initially.

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