Update Table Filter on modify

Hi! I have a to do list database, and experiencing a behavior that I’m not thrilled with.

What I’m seeing:
Table of tasks is filtered to only show rows with a status “To Do”
User clicks a checkbox on a task, which changes the status to “Complete”
This task stays visible on the table until the user clicks elsewhere on the page

What I’d love to have:
Table of tasks is filtered to only show rows with a status “To Do”
User clicks a checkbox on a task, which changes the status to “Complete”
This task immediately is hidden by the filter without any other interaction by the user

Thank you, Nick

HI Nick,

The row will disappear any time that it loses focus, i.e. the cursor is not on the line anymore. I think that is actually a good feature. It is disconcerting when a row disappears as soon as a change is made. Also, if you accidentally made an incorrect change, you now have to go and hunt that row down to be able to make the correction.


Hey there @Nick_Solyom !

If that feature is really important to you there is one way I can think of to replicate that user experience.

You will need to create a new table (called Completed Tasks perhaps) and then you will create an automation that does something similar to the following:

  1. When row is changed in to do table (column Complete)
  2. If step1result.complete = true
  3. Addrow(completed tasks) - you will need to replicate the rows values in the new table here
  4. Deleterows(step1result)

Make sure you use the RunActions() formula for the automation result so they happen at the same time.

That should (as fast as the automation triggers) from a user perspective immediately hide the completed task without them clicking anywhere else and save that information within your doc.

Let me know how that works!

Also I’m not around my computer to test right now, but if you just created a button that modified your checkbox column to be true and used that to mark a task as done would that instantly hide the row? - try that out. If it works that could be a simpler solution!


I just wanted to report that a Button Column to mark a task complete does not auto-filter as we hoped, I will have to experiment with the Completed task table next.

Oh - better yet (if you don’t want the automation to catch the row change which will make it almost instantaneous) - just type that same formula consisting of AddRow() and DeleteRow() into a button column on the row and have your users press that button to mark a task as complete.

And don’t have it add the row to a new table, have it add the row to the same table. No reason for the different table.

That will make the row disappear faster - although you forego using the checkbox column. That’s the only downside I see