Filter edited rows immediately

I need to circumvent the standard (and often useful) behavior of NOT filtering out the freshly changed row (it gets marked yellow and disappears only after the user focuses on something else). Because for some workflows we need the opposite, and have them hidden right away.

I have multiple use cases where someone grinds on processing rows (e.g. grading assignments). In such cases the usual filtering behavior is rather a bother. We want to click some “approved” button or checkbox, the status of the row changes to be filtered out, and we want it to disappear instantly and look at the next one in its place.

I get that this is not for every scenario, so it should be an option (possibly even accessible for the users, through a toggle in filter bar, or preferably ALSO in some more geral formulaic way, and of course in the right side filter setting panel).
It would be a great help for many colleagues of mine, saving us the necessity of always (think hundreds of time, several people) clicking somewhere else to get the wannabe-hidden row out of focus.

Ah, also/or - if the behavior could be achieved by using the Activate function (but WITHOUT opening up a whole row modal), that would also be an appreciated workaround. Way less accessible though, perhaps a standard way (as described above) should be preferred by many users. Many thanks!

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i often achieve the effect you describe by using the following formula…

OpenWindow( ObjectLink( thisTable ))

Which ‘reloads’ the current table with all the changes in effect as you describe.

Of course, its an action-formula, so needs to be in a Button or an Automation.
So its not the ideal solution that you are looking for.



Thanks a lot! I tried diferent variants with OpenWindow() and Activate(), but somehow missed this one. Which actually works for updating filters and sorting as well. It does require a button (an automation usually kicks in too slow to match the purpose here), but I will gladly rework the interfaces where this behavior saves users from unnecessary pain.

It is still a workaround rather than a solution and not quite perfect (scrolling to the top of the table is sometimes disorienting), but way better than nothing. Thanks again!