Update tables when entry is made

There are a lot of instances where you do an edit to a row or apply a filter (like with a control, button or function) and the active row turns grayish when the change implies that the row should not be visible any longer.

The affected rows disappears upon activating another row of clicking somewhere on the canvas.

For different reasons I find this impractical in a lot of situations: upon activation new rules for what I want to see, I prefer for that to be effective right away and move the focus to the next active row. Another reason is that the grayed out row can still be edited. That might be useful in some situations, but mostly there is a risk your are editing a row that was supposed to not be there any longer. For example, when you state for a task that it is done, many makers have it filtered out of sight. But in Coda, it stays visible and editable until the canvas/table is updated as described in the beginning of this post.

I realize this is not really a bug, but I imagine many people encounter this as not ideal (or not?)

Hi Joost,

What are the alternatives? Previous products that I have used would immediately flyaway a record that fails the filter or short criteria. I found that immensely frustrating.

Say you are adding info to three columns. And the first falls foul of the sort. Now you need to go and search for the record to complete the change. With the current system the record stays available for all changes to be made. When done, remove focus from the record and it will disappear.

From my preferences this is currently a excellent process.

It’s just a ramble…

Well, I think a lot has to do with proper design and procedures. I would not allow for three fields to be edited if you can make the row disappear before the task is done (as a matter of speaking).

I would never hit done until, well, until done.

I do understand what you are saying, but once you know it works that way, you have to either work a bit differently or design your doc/app a bit different.

At this time, even if you work in a modal, edit all the fields that you want to edit and mark a task as done, it is still visible in the table when you close the modal. For me that is not logical (or practical).

And, when you do make a mistake, you usually realize it right away and you can hit Ctrl-Z.


A good alternative for many use-cases would be to have an action to unselect the currently selected row, like @David_Knell suggested in this post:

It would make many button-triggered workflows much more clean and intuitive for people using our tools who are not familiar with Coda.

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