How to make required fields in a Detail view (Not a form)?

I watched @Paul_Danyliuk’s Best Practices video and went along and created everything he did.
This was few months ago (maybe 2).

Now I came back to that doc and tried making a new detailed view table that has required input fields, and I can’t figure out how to do that. I knew this was possible without using the form because I had one in the doc. Here is proof:

As you can see it is not a form and has required fields.
BUT There is no Validation options
How do I even change these fields to not being required again?

Here’s a screenshot of Paul’s video where he does have Validation options. And notice, it’s not a form.

TL;DR I know it’s possible to make fields in Detail view be required*, but I don’t know how to do it. And the embarrassing part is I’ve done it before.

I think they removed this from the Detail Views and only left this option in Forms.

Reason: it never worked :sweat_smile: it never actually enforced the validation check or the “required-ness” of the field in the detail view. Hence I was always building my own validation. I think the reason why it was there in the first place was because Coda just reused the same “layouts” framework for forms when they first introduced them, but later actually took time to separate the two and remove those confusing bits.

The only reason I was using this toggle was to make that red * appear, for cosmetic reasons.

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Oh man… that’s a shame.

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