Mandatory Fields

Is there a way to mark a column as a mandatory field?

Ideally I don’t want a row to be created or saved unless there are 3 specific fields that have been completed.

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not currently @Litra_Sales -you can periodically run automations to clean up/delete incomplete rows

You could also create an Input table which would trigger an Automation that checks whether the input is valid before putting it in its final destination.

If the the new row in the Input table was not complete, it could warn the user about the omitted data.

One (hacky) way to warn the user is to use a button to add a row to a Warnings table that opens the row when the Warning is created.

Example (from another doc that I was sharing earlier)

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Multiple ways to go around it, but what I’d usually do is create a separate table just for inputs (or a whole flow), with a button in the end to save all the values to the destination table if everything’s correct.

Thanks guys, I will give these workarounds a go :+1: