Conditional formatting visible in card and detail view


Hey guys,

as far as I can tell, conditional formatting on a table does not carry over if you display it as Cards or Detail, or any of the other visualisations.

Am I missing something, or is it not possible to use conditional formatting to change text colour, for example, when you are in a visualisation other than Table?

For context, I have been setting up some flash cards for vocabulary training in my coda doc, and I’d love to be able to make the text green or red, depending on whether the translation was correct or not, but haven’t been able to figure out a workaround.


+1 for conditional formatting parity.


+1 for conditional formatting in detail view


Conditional formatting is a necessity in card view, especially as the number of cards increases. One of the major reasons we are leaving our current pipeline management system for Trello is the fact that we have 150-200 active projects at any given time, and with that number of cards in a Kanban view, it’s imperative to communicate a lot of information quickly without having to delve into a detail view for each individual card (which takes forever with that number of cards). Trello doesn’t have a perfect solution to this issue either (we have to do it through badges assigned to a card), and with conditional formatting, Coda would have a major advantage over other Kanban-style project management systems like Asana or Airtable, neither of which offer substantive conditional formatting.

For some additional context on this, let’s assume I’m reviewing 100 cards on a Kanban board. Every time I view the board, it would be helpful for me to know:

  • Which cards have been created in the last 24 hours (indicated by a faint green background).
  • Which cards have had activity within the last 48 hours (indicated by a faint yellow background).
  • Which cards have had no activity within the last 7 days (indicated by a faint red background).

Notifications (by email or otherwise) of these conditions don’t really help, because I’m not always able to act when I receive notifications, and wading through 200-300 notifications per day just becomes noise after awhile. However, the color coding helps to drill down and see which cards are active and which ones are not (and possibly need attention). There are tons of other scenarios where this would be helpful:

  • Adding a graphic (like a badge or icon) if an email has been received from the client associated with that card within the past 24-48 hours.
  • Adding a graphic (like a badge or icon) when a form is submitted to a third party (indicating that you’re waiting for the response), and then removing the graphic when the response is received.
  • Reordering cards based on most recent email, phone, or meeting.
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Maybe I’m not understanding the problem properly, but it looks like conditional formatting shows up on cards whether it’s configured on the Table or the Card (or both). (It doesn’t in Detail View.)


+10 please make this happen - not sure why this isn’t a core part of Detail view - seems like a great option would be to create colors on the display column itself to status indication.