Display issue - conditional formatting not displaying properly in card view

I have a table with a column that consists of a phrase made by concatenating the values of other columns in the table. I then do some conditional formatting to that column. It appears correctly in the plain table format, but appears incorrectly in the card view. The conditional color is only applied to a portion of the concatenated phrase.

Test doc link: Ephemeris

Correct coloring:

Incorrect coloring:

Looks like a legitimate bug in Coda related to how select list options are now represented. Those are plain text values (planet names) but for some reason Coda thinks of them as lookups or whatnot.

A quick fix would be to add .ToText() here to actually force these to text. Usually .ToText() is a horrible advice but in this case we identified the values are actually text already, so this is not to cloak the issue but to work around a legitimate bug

Then also worth adding .First() somewhere in your filter here, since you want to get a text value, not a list of text values:

And voila.

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Excellent! That did the trick. Thanks for the tips and the workaround. I know this is a weird case and not super mission-critical, so thanks for taking the time to help out. Cheers!

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