"Apply Styling" option of a Lookup Column is not working in Card View

Hey @mallika!

Our Lookup Columns have an option called “Apply Styling” and our lookup table has Conditional formatting associated with it (PFA Screenshot)

.Apply Styling works perfectly in Table View. (PFA Screenshot)

But doesn’t seem to work in Card view! (PFA Screenshot)

PS: Please open this screenshot in a new tab to magnify, apparently I’m not allowed to attach more than one image? :cry:

I think this shouldn’t be the expected behavior? Having experience with UX myself, I think you can agree that there is a clear visual separation between columns in a table view (due to space and grid lines), but such a separation is not there in the Card view (everything appearing in the same font, colour) especially when we are hiding column labels.

Btw, we are using Coda for a hellofa lot of things, one of the most important being our Social Media Content Calendar. We’re migrating from Trello and we used a “Lookup” column to simulate Trello’s tags feature.

I just feel so much more powerful with Coda than any other software I’ve used including Notion. Kudos to you and the team! :muscle:t3:

I’m experiencing the same thing. I’m new enough that I figured it was just “how it worked”. Glad to hear that this isn’t expected behavior and may be fixed!

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Hi @WalksWithGR - Thanks for passing along the feedback. This is a known limitation of styling for card view that the team has logged and is taking a look at.