Launched: Lookup Values now recognize Source Styling

Hi all!

We’re constantly improving Coda so that you can create amazing docs that are both functional and visually appealing. Starting today you’ll be able to apply color and font styles to values that lookup information from other tables. To visually clarify this, below is an example of applying background and text colors to Fruit lookup values contained in a Fruit Basket Orders table.

For any existing columns that use the Lookup column format their appearance will be unchanged. They’ll continue to be black text on a white background. Maybe that’s how you’d like to keep them. There’s no judgment here! But if you had applied styling to the values in the look up table you can decide to style them by toggling On the column format ‘Apply Styling’ option. These options are found in the column menu at ‘Format Column’ > ‘Item Settings’.

For new columns that use the Lookup column format ‘Apply Styling’ will be enabled by default. You can toggle that Off if you choose.

There are a couple of ways you can apply styles to your table values. You can explicitly set the styles as you would any other text in your document, or you can use conditional formats to set styles dynamically in response to values changing. Table conditional formatting is a very powerful feature of Coda. Read more about how to use it here.

As always, please reach out with any feedback or questions to the community or our customer support team.

Enjoy, and thanks for your continued feedback!



This is really great! :+1:


Good to hear. Thank you.


Amazing ! You guys are the best.


It is going to be really useful in lookups related with statistical presences


This is awesome! Keep ‘me coming.


This is brilliant. On the surface it looks like a minor enhancement but it gives a lot more options for building an app-like experience for the people who use our docs.


This its a super great update! And I’m happy because I asked for this about one month ago, and it’s already there!


This is amazing.
Thanks so much for implementing this Feature :slight_smile:


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It seems that it doesn’t work on mobile.

We’ll take a look at making it work on mobile.

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Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this since I discovered Coda! I love to add color to my docs. Maybe a custom color picker would be great as well.


Hi @Matthew_Tebbs!
I still can’t make those colors work on Lookups when the column is a group. That would be great! Also, I would love that the conditional formatting could have an option to apply parent formatting to child tables.

  • I have a table with my Parents.
  • Then I create a new table with Parents grouped, and another column with Childs of those parents.
    I would like that the child column could inherit the colors of the parents.


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Great feature, pity it doesn’t work in Cards display.

Hi @Kathy_Kate,

And welcome to the Coda Community!

Our cards could use a little bit of style attention and this is one of the items in the notes. Not sure if/when we can get to it, but it’s noted and wanted, so we’ll try to make it happen.


Still I need to be able to apply a full cell filling color without having to add a conditional formatting rule. This will make this new feature much powerful. Formatting cell is still a big pain in Coda.


The ability to apply source styling to lookup values has been great!:grin:

Please consider extending this functionality to all instances of row references returned in the chip/token/oval format.

At present, this parameter is located here: Lookup column settings > Item settings > Apply styling > On/Off

Perhaps the same UI parameter could exist in Text column settings of Text columns that contain formulas. Or maybe a parameter could be added to the formula language for this purpose.

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