Using an Image as a display column, you don't get a thumbnail preview

Not sure if is related, but I noticed that if you use an image (url or file) as Display Column, you don’t get to see its thumbnail in the lookup field.
The lookup values doesn’t recognize the original format.

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Dear @Andr

A display column is always looking for a name to refer to, in case it’s an image you will get the name accordingly.
Interesting to understand the logic why you want the image to be the display column?

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Hello @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

I like that when you mouse over a lookup item you trigger the popup window with the related details.
This is useful for an image gallery for quickly peeping at the details of the image-item you are viewing.
Imagine to combine the features of the image-column (thumbnail & lightbox gallery) and the lookup column (mouse over details).

Unfortunately lookup items don’t display the thumbnail.
To work-around this, I’ve implemented the following 2-tables system:

  1. Image catalogue: used for tagging and commenting the file images (1 image per row)
  2. Image grid-gallery: a single cell table used to lookup the items from the catalogue, using this trick
    Mega trick: Formatted tooltips for your table items (with JSON)

Current issues:

  1. being it a lookup, you get the rounded frame around the thumbnail, wasting precious space.
  2. Even if you have all the image-items loaded into a single cell, the lightbox is independent for each image, which means: when you click on an image you don’t get the useful bottom menu-gallery or the side arrows to turn to the next image-item.
  3. I can display only simple text in the pop up window (like tags), but having problem adding buttons or links (ie to load the proper detail view of the image-item), json is not fun to work with :smiley:
  4. thumbnails sometime fail to load and I have to use a button with a refresh action on the catalogue.
  5. kind of slow overall.
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Hey guys ! this is absolutely fantastic work.

I would REALLY like to know how you guys made it And / Or to access a duplicable File

I need this very strongly and I think you made something awesome here.

Let me know if that’s possible and my email is

Cheers ! :rocket:

Any updates on this? Is there any way to get an image in a Display Column to show the image instead of the image file name?

My current workaround is to build the display in another table using a formula that concatenates the image and the text I want displayed. The main drawback is the column is Text format instead of Lookup, and the resulting output doesn’t look as nice (it shows an @ symbol between the image and the text, for instance, and looks like a regular link without the fancy Lookup border):

I’m not sure this will be a possibility since we have @ row references. We are making a lot of updates, most recently to cards, so you never know.

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@BenLee, I’m not sure if I made the issue clear, so I’ll try to explain. I expect the @ symbol when I do it using my workaround, it’s just unsightly :slight_smile:. What I’d like to see is the image be shown as part of the Lookup object when displayed in a formula. As it stands, the same screenshot with the image included as part of the Display Column’s formula (in the original table) looks like this when used in another table’s lookup column:

The irony is that it displays correctly in the Display Column of the original table:

If the image could display as part of the Lookup object instead of the file name “CountryMeats.jpg”, it would look so much cleaner! I think I understand the issue with @ references; maybe the image could be rendered visually but the filename could continue to be used to actually refer to the reference?

I understand, that’s just a tough thing to make happen because it needs to then fit in so many places, like the formula builder too. Everything has to get bigger or the image has to be tiny to make this happen. There some places where we are looking to make images a possibility, but it’s just not easy to figure out how to fit them in a formula capsule.

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