Unable to do lookups for images

Hey amazing Coda Community,

I created a table with icons and I wanted to pull them into another table, but when I do, I get the image names, not the image. This happens independently if I choose select list, lookup or Image.

Any suggestions? I tried looking for an answer here, but I think that I am not using the correct keywords to find info about this.

Thank you for your help in advance! :pray:

Hello @Ana_Sofia_Pinho ,

I’m not sure I understand everything, but I’m going on the assumption that you want to display images when you do a search!

I’m sharing a screenshot to show you the options for using images. And sorry if my answer is not correct, but it is easier to answer when you have a factif version to test :slight_smile:



Hi @Thierryvm!

Thanks for getting back to me.

I did try that, but I wanted that column to pick images from another table that has the icons - like a lookup column type. When I select image, I lose the lookup or connection to the other table.

I created this video that might explain better what I wanted to do:

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, or if Coda has some limitations/bugs showcasing images from through lookup.

Thanks you again! :hugs:


I am not an expert in this field because I rarely use images but I found a link that could help you, at least I hope so :slight_smile: => How to Attach Images in Coda | Coda Help Center .

But, I am sure that the Coda pro’s will be there to solve this problem.

Thanks for taking the time to make an explanatory video with a nice voice ^^



Dear @Ana_Sofia_Pinho, welcome to the Coda Maker community,

Great to see that you made also a short movie to show your question, hopeful I understood well in my reply below:

The display column should be text and when you select this through the lookup column, like I did in the table “sizes” you can select a location and in the column next to it you refer to the lookup and with the “dot” notation you call for the icon, like in the screenshot.


Thank you @Thierryvm! :pray:

I usually don’t like recording so thanks for the kind words as well! :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Thank you for chiming in!

I think it wasn’t very clear in my video or if I showed the formula, but if I am understand you correctly even though I hadn’t selected “Text”, it worked with this formula as “Images”. The screenshot is here:

The thing I was wondering was if we create the column with the icons just like we do for non-images lookup columns - without having to associate the row to the, in this case, “Location” column. Here it looks like images will not be pulled, only their names. Is this a limitation of Coda?

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Dear @Ana_Sofia_Pinho,

It would be great if you could share a dummy copy of your project.
Just create an new doc and copy the page with the concerned tables to the new doc.

In this way, you will keep your work confidential and I can see how to support you in the best way :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ana_Sofia_Pinho,

I have managed to replicate the issue in your video.

I think think that you need to do a Select List column type and set the formula to look at the Image column of your image table.

Check out my test doc below and see what you think.

Something to note. From my testing, if you change the image in the Locations table it will not auto update to rows that already have it selected using the Select List method. The new image will show in the drop down.

All the best


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Hi Jean Pierre! I’m so sorry for just replying now. Next time I’ll do that for sure! :blush:

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Hi Dale! Thank you so so much for helping me troubleshoot this. I was unavailable for quite some time, but I’ll test your solution in the next week or so.
I’m sorry for just replying to you now.
Thank you again! I really appreciate it!

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