Creating multiple pictures in one column without accessing second table

In Coda, if you use a lookup table on a text field you can click + and create a new text entry, but if you are using a lookup for images (and I imagine attachments when we get those) there is no + button to upload new images.

The problem I have is that I will have an unknown amount of jpegs at the time creating a row, and having to navigate to a completely separate table, upload the images, and then find them on the original table is prohibitive. I could create 10 spaces for photos just in case, but even if I did, there is always the off chance that I will need 11. (even though that is highly unlikely)

Is there a way to create a new image within a lookup, or hold multiple images within one table column? Is this a solved problem?

Hi @Andrew_Adkins, i was pretty sure that one could upload as many pictures as he wanted (ok maybe not 1000+, but a reasonable amount) in just one cell, if the column type is “image”, i’ll check if something have changed…

Check this in the meantime

Updates: yeah i’ve checked you can still upload multiple picture per cell, so yeah there is a “+” buttons, are you sure you can’t find it? :grin:

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Thanks Mario.

Wow, you are correct. No other field works that way, so I did not expect the image (singular) field to work any different.

My expectation:
To get this functionality you must create a table of images, create a lookup column on your main table connected to the table of images, insert images into that lookup.

The reality:
You can just create a image column and add as many images as you like.
I completely missed this functionality. They should rename the column type to Images instead of Image.

New problem:
Now I need to solve for the memory issue. Coda won’t like it after 2 years when I have 10GB + of images and pdf’s. So hopefully they allow me to use my own cloud storage in the future WITHOUT needing to navigate to another service, save a file, and then navigate back and paste in a URL which is a nightmare.