Displaying multiple images from a dropdown

So the original post was here: Can I display an image in a cell from another table? - Ask the Community - Coda Maker Community, which I kinda hijacked.

I’m trying to display multiple images which are pulled through a lookup, inside a cell. Here’s an example below. Target table has a Lookup with multiple selections. The second column must display the images that were selected from the first column. Thanks for your help!

Dear @Petros_Dias,

Could you please update the sharing settings, as your doc is not visible?

Hey sorry for that, kinda new on this. It should be OK now.

Dear @Petros_Dias,

Please note that the column type should be updated to “text” to show the pictures.


Such a silly mistake! Thank you so much!

Dear @Petros_Dias,

It’s just not that obvious and to be honest by luck, trial and error I found this out in the past.


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