Can I display an image in a cell from another table?

Let’s say I have Table A and Table B. I have Image X uploaded in Table B.
How do I display this same Image X in a cell in Table A?

I tried putting a “select list” type of column in Table A, and then doing a lookup on a column of images in Table B. Unfortunately, in Table A, the images don’t show up as thumbnails, only the image filenames are shown.

So far I’ve just copy-and-pasted Image X from Table B to Table A, but this is not ideal because I don’t need to have unnecessary duplicates. I just want to have Table B containing all my images, and then be able to lookup and display any Table B image in a Table A cell.

Hi @Feanne
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Sure you can.

Suppose you have Table B with Name and Image columns.
Then in Table A you have a Column B (lookup of Table B) and B Image.

You just put the formula thisRow.Column B.Image in B Image.

If you can share your doc, it’s easier to see if there is any underlying problem.

Let me know.

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Thanks so much @Federico_Stefanato - I appreciate the help and the warm welcome! I tried this but haven’t yet gotten it to work – hope you can have a look? Here is the sample doc: Sample

Hi @Feanne ,
I updated your doc.
I guess that the misunderstanding was due to the name…
Print is both the table AND the column

So in your table you had to write


the first one denotes the Print column of Garments table (which contains a Print lookup row), the second is the Print column of the Print table, that contains the image.

I hope this helps.

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Oh that works perfectly! Thank you so much for teaching me @Federico_Stefanato :blush:

By the way, is there a way for me to enable “multiple selections” for the “Print” column, while still displaying images in the “Image” Column? I tried it just now and when I turn on “multiple selections”, the images disappear.

Hi @Feanne ,
sorry for the late reply.

Yes, you can do it as well, (again: you can find the solution in the shared document).
Basically, you have to take into consideration that Print is now a List of Print objects, therefore the Image column will be a list of images:

To have a better control of images size, have a look a this post


Yay it works perfectly now! Thanks so much @Federico_Stefanato for your kind help! I really appreciate it. I’m such a beginner at this type of coding, I really have a lot to learn.

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Happy it worked!
Enjoy and feel free to ask: there is lot of very skilled people ready to help, here.