Launched: New Image Column Type is now available

If you are following our tweets (@coda_hq) the news is out! We just made it easier to ADD IMAGES to your Coda tables - now you can drag and drop into cells, or upload images directly from the cell itself into a new image column type.

Multiple images: We didn’t stop there. We also support adding more than one image to a single cell. When you open any image you can easily scroll through all the full size images in the same cell for more detail.

Manage: When there is more than one image in a cell we provide a quick way to rearrange your images in this new navigation view. Users of your Coda doc can also download, add, or delete any images from here as well.

Formula support: Using the formulas you’re already familiar with, try pulling images from a table directly into the body of your doc. You can even launch the new navigation experience from your formula results.

Also try out other formulas as you play with this new feature!

Mobile: Of course we did not forget about mobile! You can upload an image from your photo library or launch the camera directly from a cell for fast capture when you’re on the go; like capturing receipts on a work trip, taking a snapshot of art inspiration for your mood board, or shooting your team photos at an event.

For more information check out our help documentation here : Image Help Documentation

So go ahead and (drag-and)-drop it like it’s hot. Yeah, we went there. Let us know what you think! This is just the beginning…


p.s. Don’t worry - you can still use the Image URL for images that you want to link to instead.
p.p.s. We are building a couple of templates which will include this feature. We’d love to hear any ideas for how you could use this feature in your scenarios.



I can think of a use case for having only the image titles show as a list instead of thumbnails (and being able to edit the titles too). E.g. bank notes, receipts, where thumbnails are irrelevant.

Ps. Link to help page is broken

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Thank you! This is really great!! I was just thinking about images in Coda.The camera on mobile is going to be useful.


a) Can we see/get images from 3rd parties like Dropbox / Instagram/ Google Photos/ etc.

b) Are there file size limitations on images

Great scenario! And thanks for the fast catch on the link. I just updated it.

Glad this will be useful!

a) From the phone you can browse to the location where your photo is stored i.e. iCloud, etc… From the web app you can browse to any folder on your computer and upload from there. I’d imagine one thing we can do in the future is tighter integration for 3rd parties to make it faster.

b) for now the size limit per image is 10MB

This is a great new feature! Thank you!

Is it possible to upload videos under 10MB?

Dear Jaime,

It works great, I already experienced during the weekend this great functionality.
Next big step would be to attach *doc and *.pdf files.

Keep up with these great developments, :tulip:

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Amazing, yet another step closer to being a full replacement for social media tools! Going to try adjusting my current setup right now to allow multiple image posting to Twitter and other channels, great thing to find this morning :slight_smile: :clap:

EDIT: Actually, having some issues using this with Zapier as the output for the cell is just the names of the images, not links. Is there any way to get the actual image URL back, as an array or otherwise, so that it can be passed off to other services?


I’m getting issues with this…

If i drag in an image, it shows as a thumbnail but when I click off the cell or click to enlarge the image the thumbnail goes black.

Anyone else getting this?

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Hi Coda!

Exciting stuff!

Suggestion. Can you provide the option in mobile to make the image capture field exclusively (or not) a pic taking? … In other words, the use cannot draw pics from the gallery when this setting is on.

Use case > checklists and inspections (example a food safety or any operating procedures “checklist coda mobile app”) coda apps where the maker of the app wants to ensure that pics are taken on the spot and not drawn from the gallery which could be ex-temporaneous pics.

Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

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Either this has been fixed or there is a bug as it seems to work perfectly now. I’ve tried creating a new doc, new table and now working perfectly.

Would be great to see your setup, I’m in the process of making my own but at the very start.

I would also be very interested to pass the image URL.
I tried to post an image to Twitter via webhooks and Zapier, and had an error, probably due to permission or something like this. I would definitely love to be able to share image content from Coda to Twitter. Thanks!

Adding pictures works perfect, but could you please add rotate image funcionality, bcs some of my pictures are rotated wrong direction. In windows i see the pictures as they should be.

Fantastic, thanks! Previously, I had to upload the images somewhere else first, then link to the them in Coda.

This is really useful functionality!


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It’s nothing too fancy right now, and leans heavily on Integromat and Zapier for things like link shortening, plus Buffer for actual scheduling. Other than that, it’s really a table where each row can have text for our main channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc.), a link, an image for each channel (if we don’t want to use a card; this is what I’m hoping to adapt to be multiple images for channels that support it), title and UID for queries, that kind of thing.

I then have three separate Views: a calendar for scheduling, a Kanban board for quickly checking category backlogs, and an editing view that both use in the modal that uses a Layout. These are augmented by buttons that link with Integromat and Zapier, the latter mainly through copying parts of rows to separate tables (though I hope to shift entirely to Integromat shortly as Zapier is just far too restrictive).

I’m hoping to create a sanitised version that’s shareable at some point :slight_smile: but in the mean time, if you have any specific questions I’m happy to answer them.


Looks awesome! Will this just use the Google drive storage space for the picture storage? Would it be possible to look this functionality to Google Photos so it doesn’t take up extra storage space?

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

I have a suggestion, it would be great to have a library with common images where we could choose from.

And just a heads up, the link “Image Format Help Documentation” is not working:



Hi Tom! We currently don’t have official support or playback for videos yet. On our roadmap for sure! -jaime


Thanks! Files is on the roadmap. Please let us now if you find bugs! -jaime


Good find. I’m talking to our engineering folks to see what we can do. It sounds like a common scenario. Stay tuned!