Launched: New Image Column Type is now available

Hi Tomas, This is on our short list. We opted to getting the feature out there quickly given customer need. Rotation, cropping, and scaling is something we want to add to streamline the experience. Thanks for feedback! We listen so this validates that we need to add that in sooner rather than later. -jaime


Great idea! I’ll add that to the roadmap. That could come in handy in a number of scenarios. I also updated the help documentation so it should be working now. Thanks for the catch. -jaime

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Thanks @jaime
That would be a game changer for our social post manager doc.

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Looks great! I appreciate all the effort in development you have been putting in to the new features. How can I attach images to emails sent from the Gmail pack?

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I think this is a fantastic feature, and the ability to add images straight from my files without first having to upload them into Google and then running them through the url generator I put together so that they show up in the columns just like an image pulled from the internet, makes me giddy. Unfortunately, I’ve hit a couple of dumps along the way and wanted to ask:

Is there a way to ‘mass’ upload images into multiple rows with the copy/paste feature like with the URL Image column? Right now, I can copy a hundred reference photos’ google share links and paste them into my coda doc with each one automatically generating it’s own row. With the drag and drop feature of the new format they all go into the same row. And same goes for adding the files via upload. (Which is fantastic once your database is built and are just adding new photos a handful at a time, but for building the database and importing the bulk of the images - this isn’t going to work and will actually take longer. )

Is there a way (or at some point in the future) where there could be multiple images in one cell with the URL Image? Say you’re rotating out pictures of a house for sale and you want to be able to scroll through the pictures like you can with the new format? Would that ever be possible? (Okay, so I’m totally asking this one because if there is no way to mass upload the images, I’ll have to keep going with my current method. Because uploading, or even dragging and dropping, tens of thousands of images would just make me cry. :smile:!)



URL generator? Where do I find this as my Google images won’t show.


Hi @Juanmata ! Oh,it’s just a table that I created myself for my images! I’ve copied it into a new doc and explained a bit of how I use it! Hopefully the link works, cause it’s my first time sharing! I hope it helps! :smile:



Thanks, I had a quick look and I still can’t get my images to show even when turning them to public, I’ll take a close look later to see if i’ve done something wrong


Does this have an API?

I’ve tried to upload an image from my website but nothing, the column stays blank.

At this point we do not support images through the API. Definitely something we will consider!

Great effort.
Do you have any plan to add a possibility to add image from clipboard? copy past from for example snipping tool . same as it is done in main document section. (copy paste from for example windows snipping tool)
similar like you have in this chat with image|284x145](upload://xxxxxxxx.png)

Hi there, any news to this item getting the picture url via formula? best Ainara