Attach files/images to cells


Hi guys, I wish you could add attachments do table cells, it would be great to my workflow, and probably to others also. Every tool I’ve used (trello, airtable, notion) has this feature, it would be great to have as well here, specially with drag&drop support.

You could also create a “LinkList” and “ImageList” or something like this to sumarize files (it could work just like a bulleted list) and images. It would be AMAZING if one could pass some parameters to a imageList function and create a grid with the attached images.

In my workflow I need to attach images to tasks and create some reports of what happened in a given day, or all pictures of a given place. I’m trying to use CODA to manage a construction project.

Thanks for your support.



You can use EMBED and list a DropBox link

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Thanks for the suggestion, definitely on our list, we just haven’t gotten to it yet!



Thanks Richard, it’s a very creative way to deal with multiple files



Any info on when we can see this implemented? Is there a roadmap we can see?

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This is the only thing holding us back from using Coda right now. We’re an animation studio and images are an integral part of our planning and organising. Any updates on when this might be implemented?



Same question…there are so many things we can’t do with Coda right now because it doesn’t support attachments (or even allow direct linking to google drive without cutting and pasting).

  • Candidate tracking…nope, can’t attach resume’s
  • Proposal / contract tacking…nope can’t attach contracts
  • Forward emails into a Coda task…nope, won’t include attachments
  • Sending Bids requests / RFP’s to vendors…nope, can’t include RFP documents
  • the list goes on and on…

As much as I love the way Coda can manipulate meta-data…it’s just not enough to make these apps real in our organization. I really hope attachments will soon be supported natively, or through a Pack (like a Google Drive pack).




We are also anxiously waiting for this update. We need to upload multiple images and also videos



You can easily embed a PDF on your Gdrive in a Coda document - it works very nicely:



Awesome, can you embed that in a column / row of a table?





It is a formula like any other that can be placed anywhere else you use a formula


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Hi, My name is Jaime. I’m in product management at Coda. Thanks for expressing interest in image and file attachments. This is something we are currently exploring and building. I’d love to get your refreshed top requests and scenarios as part of our thinking. Feel free to reply back to me with your thoughts ( or post them here. I’d also like to know if you’d be interested in giving us some feedback when we get this feature working. Thanks for being vocal in our community. We listen and watch it intently for what our users need. Looking forward to hearing from you!



To have a column formatted as an attachment and be able to just drop files of any kind in that column would be great. Also the ability to activate the camera button from the mobile app would be very useful.
Thanks @jaime



Sorry but can you not attach images to cell? Oh

I want to track receipts so uploading images from your mobile is a must for me and I’m sure others.

I would also like to take a picture and use the scan feature on Android phones so please don’t restrict access to just the basic camera options.

Any news when this feature will be released? I’m in the process of moving things over from Airtable but I might have to halt if it’s not coming into play soon.



II am using a workaround using the Dropbox pack. I also setup a Zapier that every time a file is added to a folder it will add a row in Coda. If you don’t care about you pictures showing up in your doc instantly it should work.




I’ve not used Zapier or Packs yet, is Zapier easy to setup with the dropbox pack?

Do you have an example you can share?



#17 As you can see all you need to have zapier do is add a row with the name of the picture and then the Dropbox pack can pull in the file.



I’m intersted to test this feature @jaime
Drag and drop should be perfect. Especially if it can also be added to a text column.



Why limit this to attachments? What about an ability to create a page/document within a cell that itself then can have notes, attachments, embedded documents, etc. I think, Notion implements this nicely (which is pretty much the only thing Notion implements nicely).



Yes! A page as a block is the only one feature I’m missing when I use Coda.