Upload PDFs to Table Rows and/or to Top-Level Folders (of Docs, PDFs, etc.)

We are a real estate brokerage and need to create a file for every transaction our agents do. These transactions have PDFs that need to be stored. We do this with Dropbox at the moment, but man, how cool would it be to do that on Coda?

Here are some features that come to mind:

  • add attachments to rows in tables
  • have top level folders for docs and to upload PDFs, images, etc.
  • share folder as link that does not require a Coda account

If we could store and share folders of files like on Dropbox, but with the power of Coda, we would gladly move our Dropbox budget over.


did you find a way to do this?

Well, it is May 2020 and they have still not added the ability to upload a file other than a photo image to a table cell. Maybe if I mention here that Airtable can do this brilliantly they will work on it? Comon CODA app coders, make this happen please… I will switch all of my Airtable accounts to CODA in a heartbeat for the added flexibility of what CODA offers. Contact me CODA for an example of the dynamic record keeping tables I’d like to set up on CODA that can be done on Airtable currently. Thank you… Nathan


This is definitely a feature that’s noted and have discussed a good bit. It’s not in immediate plans, but it is on our minds.

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I am an Airtable user who is currently doing work with Coda and exploring its potential to take on all work currently on airtable. the ability to upload files would match airtable, and the ability to embed PDFs would take care of Notion.

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One hack is to save the PDF as an image. Adobe doesn’t allow it so easily, but you can print to onenote and save it as an image. then you can attach the image. However, this takes way too long. It is only a short term fix, it is not a scalable solution.

Well noted. Saving to image would definitely work, but sometimes I need the PDF intact to change the contents or copy text from. And the time involved isn’t worth it for sure… i’m not a coder, but this doesn’t seem like a difficult feature to add… wondering if there is licensing involved, but I wouldn’t think so since it is just storage. idk.

Is there any way to prompt a way to upload a file into Google Drive or Dropbox? For instance, on receipts, instead of having a “add image” option for receipts it can be a button that can add to one of those services? It would keep the doc from getting bogged down with the full PDF file. The hurdle would be somehow mapping that file to the same row and not giving someone access to all the other files in the sync’d folder.

I’m having to use JotForm for receipt only because of the PDF upload, but I lose the ability to have the dynamic dropdown in Coda where people can quickly search and select the proper Purchase Order, Vendor, etc.

I need this feature as well…

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I am considering migrating from Notion, but I need to be able to store any type of files in a page. It is essential for collaboration.

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Maybe this is helpful:

I just got a message from the Coda team about this. They told me “This feature is in its final stage to get launch”. And it will be about any types of files apparently. :smiley:


In case you haven’t seen, I wanted to flag that Coda launched file uploads & attachments in December, and you can now add attachments to rows in tables as well as the canvas!