Attachments and images using a cloud storage service without URLS?

Really trying to make this software work for my company, but I have one more issue I am trying to solve before we can adopt Coda into our workflow.

A requirement by the higher ups is that the user can insert multiple attachments and images to a row item. This in and of itself is not an issue as the image field and coming attachment field would likely solve this, but this would eventually bloat the document size turning off the API which is required, and we have three perfectly good cloud storage services that we could use.

The only issue is, as far as I can tell, you have to copy and paste a URL instead of just clicking a button and uploading your image or attachment, unless I am using the dropbox or google drive pack wrong which is totally possible.

So am I using the dropbox and google drive pack wrong? Has someone found a way to upload files and images to these services through the Coda interface rather than by copying and pasting URL’s?

Also, integrating with Amazon S3 / Digital Ocean Spaces would be GREAT!


Hi @Andrew_Adkins it’s always me :joy:
Did you try with the API and some integrations with those services? Like an automatized pathway that upload the file, copy the url, put it into a row?
I hate script too but for your case i think it would be straightforward :blush:

The issue is that it must be done within the coda UI. I can figure out using the api outside of coda, but I’m not sure how I would do an api call from within a coda table.