How to add attachments

How can we attach files? I’ve tried dropping a file into a document but it says: “Only images are supported”.

I see there is an option to add Google Drive, Dropbox, etc but in our company we don’t use those services. We just want to attach some PDFs to the Coda docs.



Dear @Adria,

You are not alone with this wish but it’s not (yet) possible.


It’s an old thread, but I recently saw it referenced somewhere. So in case someone still finds it — attachments are now in beta:

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Hi I would love to help you beta test this.

Hi @Adrian_McDonagh and @Adria
please visit the page/link from @Paul_Danyliuk and ask there for beta testing.



I would love to help with beta testing - particularly try out the attachment function!

Just in case, I would like to suggest for there to be a preview image - preferably of the cover/ first page of the document.

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Hi @Klerissa_McDonald, thanks for your interest! We have had an amazing response to the Attachments beta thus far, so we’ve paused our beta sign-ups to keep ourselves focused on digesting the feedback & working towards launch. Stay tuned for the feature once it’s launched more broadly!