Attachments PLEASE

Why we don’t have this? not everything can be made in coda and would be nice to have this option :expressionless: :gun:


The current compromise is Drive or Dropbox integration, but at least on Drive this currently requires full file & folder access to Google Drive - no drop folder with limited permission at the moment, which is odd since few enterprise companies with a competent GSuite Administrator would have configured this permission to be grantable to third parties, so I’m a bit surprised that coda which wants to break into the Sharepoint market hasn’t flushed out a working a scenario for attachments (other than images) to date.

For me, I’ll just paste gdrive links, I have control over sharing and access in this scenario, it works for now, there are other more pressing glitches and omissions for me.

OT, is there a public high level roadmap for Coda so we can see what’s in pipeline?

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Hi @Fernando_Valladares, Welcome to the community! :grin:
This is a needed feature!
I’d like user to upload .pdf for sure :slight_smile:


Based on my knowledge coda has never released something like a roadmap, and various post here from user (who ask for them) and codans (that explain why there is not one) help to understand the situation, in short this gives them more flexibility that helps coda evolve more quickly :slight_smile: (but this is not the official answer)


Agreed - we definitely need the ability for users to uploads documents