Insert images into tables


Hi there,

I would like to know if I can insert a “document” (like an attachments) inside a cell (jpg, pdf or png)
I only found the possibility of linking to an image from outside (web).



Dear Matteo,

No it’s not possible, but adding the url to the document works perfectly fine.

The embed function:



The file must be in Google Drive and public?

If the file is private, does it work?

is there any chance that the link will be used to view the document even without authorization?




First you can set the access rights to your Coda documents.

You can use the cloud application of choice.
Depending on the sharing settings you have control over rights on the files.

If the content belongs to an external party, just check with the security manager or administrator.

I recommend just don’t put at this stage confidential information in Coda because it is still in beta.

Enjoy Coda,

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Hi there

I wanted to embede the pictures but it always affected entire column but i found this solution.
I just did a new section called Gallery and drag and dropped the pictures i needed.
After that i created in my table new column(in any section) formated as image URL.
Went back to the section gallery picked the picture that i needed and with right click copied the url of the picture, went back to the table and paste the url to the cell i needed.

Sorry for my horrible eng.
Hope it helps

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That would be a very useful workaround but I can’t make it work.
The URL that I get form Copy Image address (on chrome) is not accepted by Coda.


Could you please upload a screenshot of this working?
Thanks so much!


I can’t say too much right now but we will have some new things to share very very soon that I think will make everyone in this thread very happy :slight_smile:

Watch this space!


Thanks for the update Glenn.
It’s still fun for us to try and find workarounds while you build proper solutions. :smiley:

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Very cool that you embedded the Coda do itself, I didn’t know we can do that! :smiley: Thank you for that.

So from what I see, when I am dragging images into my doc, they have a different URL, like the one you can see in my screenshot. And that one doesn’t display correctly.

But! I ran some tests just now and it seems I just needed to reload my browser tab. Then my images have the correct URL when I right click to copy it.

Thank you for taking the time to help, this is a good solution for using photos for the time being. :slight_smile:

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Hi folks, we just launched native support for images in tables. Please checkout this community post - Launched: New Image Column Type is now available