Table: reference Image in other Section

I’m trying insert a picture into a table. The way it looks that’s not possible - I assume that’s because there’s no binary storage format for columns.

I thought I’d paste the image in another section (well, originally, I had thought I could create a folder and add pictures directly), but that doesn’t seem to work either.

Is the only way to show an image in a table to upload it outside coda and hard-link? I think links relative to a doc would be quite nice…


P.S. It seems it’s also impossible to simply add an image uploaded to Google Drive - the sharing URL is not correctly interpreted by Coda

@Chris_Zwicker You can use the EMBED() formula to insert images from Google Drive (see this thread).

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Thanks, will try that. Not really satisfying, though, since it’s a media discontinuity ;-(

Hi, we just launched images in tables - see Launched: New Image Column Type is now available