How to view cloud stored images within a table? Dropbox, Google drive

Currently I can only view image from the drive or Dropbox with the embed formula. When using a the Image URL column formula it displays the the error mark.

As a work around I paste a url into text column, then embed the url in another column with the embed formula.


That’s the workaround for me as well. Currently it seems you can only use a public link for the Image URL column format.

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I would love no workaround for this!


It doesn’t really make sense that the file has to be public, as Coda has managing access for Drive files

Got a fix in Dropbox! If you replace the “dl=0”(right after the ? at the end of the URL they give you) with “raw=1” it works in the Image URL column type. Probably something similar can be done with Google Drive.


Any update on this?

I can’t get my google drives images into Coda?