[Launched] Coda’s Most Colorful Customization for Charts, Columns & Conditional Formats yet!

During our breaks from decking the halls for the winter holidays, we’ve been hard at work making sure you can deck your docs with more formatting options than ever before. On behalf of our team, I’m excited to share a bundle of updates to help you more easily & vibrantly customize your tables, charts, and columns.

A Brighter, Bolder Color Palette

Designers rejoice! We’ve made some tweaks to the overall color palette for Coda, making our base colors bolder and higher contrast for easier viewing across devices.

You should already be seeing the new colors in buttons, text and charts across all your docs.

Custom Chart Colors

We’ve wanted this one for as long as you have! Now, you can customize the colors of your charts in Coda. While you can still leverage Coda’s default colors for your charts, gone are the days of negative values being auto-set as green, or repeated blue and yellow color schemes for all of your stacked bar charts.

Custom Chart Colors.gif|753.7777777777777x424

From any of your charts, simply select Options > Chart Display, and then select your colors from the drop down menu.

Quick Column Formatting

In the past, you could apply a format to multiple cells at once but you could not select a whole column. You can now quickly format a whole column by selecting the column header.

Column Formats.gif|762.6666666666666x429

This option will apply to all rows present in your column. If you’d like to apply the formats to future rows, you can click on the notification that appears at the bottom of your screen to quickly configure the styling choices as a conditional format. The industrious among our Maker Community (so, all of you!) have figured out that you can use conditional formatting to apply text formats and colors to an entire column by using basic rules like “is not blank.” We recognize that took several extra steps, so we’re pleased to share that starting today, when you select a column or columns, you can apply basic text formatting and colors directly from the top menu, without ever opening the conditional formatting panel.

Conditional Format Pairs

Some things go together like peanut butter & jelly, latkes & apple sauce, or dark green text on a light green background for positive values. While you could always set that last one up in Coda with a few clicks in the conditional formatting menu, we’ve pre-configured the most common background and text color pairs to save you some work.

Improved & Expanded Conditional Formatting Management

We’ve also updated the conditional formatting menu with a few new tricks:

  1. You can quickly add a rule to apply to ‘All Rows’ in order to format your entire table.
  2. You can delete a conditional formatting rule by hovering over it and clicking the trash can icon (this was previously to be "hidden” behind the 3-dot ‘kebab’ menu)

All Rows and Delete.gif|755.5555555555555x425

We hope this helps your docs feel even more like your docs, with unique visual styling that is simpler and easier to apply than ever. Have fun unwrapping this holiday gift bundle in your docs!


This is awesome!! :grinning:
@Matthew_Tebbs and all the team: great job!

Some features are simple yet so helpful (All Rows).

Any chance to see some custom color codes in the next future…?
Maybe via Formula…? :upside_down_face:

Thank so much, guys!


Yeeesss :tada: :rainbow: :grin: !!!

This is absolutely fantastic :partying_face: !!!

I can’t thank you enough for this colorful improvement :rainbow: !!!

Thank you so so so very much @Matthew_Tebbs and all the Codans :partying_face: !!!

Just a tiny detail though :

In “custom mode” of the conditional formatting, we can’t see the “text icon” (for the color of the text) if the text is white, unless we hover over it :blush:



This is still the same color though, lol

Please add true custom, i.e. hex colors / a color picker! :slight_smile:


Fantastic, thanks!
Can’t wait for more colours in the future :wink:


Good feedback. I’ll pass it on.


Passed on. I notice #ECEFF1 is in two slots in our custom palette picker data so seems like a bug.


Love this change! Way to go Coda Team.


The bolder colors are really nice. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Great news! Holydays are going to be even better now :slight_smile:


This is great! …and, what we really need as a sequel, is the ability to CUSTOMIZE DOC BACKGROUND COLORS - to allow for darker doc themes and move beyond the great bland white…

Thanks for this and for listening! -JT


Awesome!! Long needed and well implemented.


Would be amazing and facilitate a lot if conditional formatting for select lists were like the new chart color customization. It is painful to add a new condition to each item.

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