Basic Table formatting (Colour)

Hiya, I’m looking at Coda and loving being able to use it as a one-stop place for a heap of floating info intstead of having 7 different google docs, but as someone who appreciates being able to read charts easily, I’m struggling a little bit with basic formatting, and conditional formatting doesn’t seem to be making my life easy since it’s more focused on columns than rows.

Below is the example of what the chart I use in Google Docs looks like, with a simple alternating pattern to make it easier to read

I want to recreate this in Coda, but it’s been astoundingly difficult? It seems like a lot of it is automated, but I can’t create a very simple alternating colour pattern, which, tragically, when these charts are filled with information, makes them really hard to read.

Right now I have a rainbow colour scale on, but I absolutely hate the way it looks, so I was wondering if there was something simple I was missing, or this really isn’t an option.

Thanks in advance!

This will only work if you’ve never re-ordered or sorted your rows, but you could add a new column with the following formula:

This would give you alternating zeros and ones that you could then target via conditional formatting.


:wave: PM at Coda here :slight_smile: Another option, if you navigate to the insert panel and select Coda tricks you can insert an example, alternating row color table. Hope this helps!


rowid will work if it doesn’t delete a line in the meantime. I would have used a Find earlier and modulo.

Add column :

myTable.find(thisrow) % 2


hi @Math_24 , that is an interesting solution, reminds me of javascript.
Below an alternative outputting the same result.


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Yes, I code in javascript on a regular basis, so for me it’s clearer that way :slight_smile:

As in programming, there are several ways to achieve the desired result. This works too :slight_smile:
It saves me having to remember one more function.

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