Gradient formatting - share your needs

Hi all,
We’re exploring how Coda might enable gradient conditional formatting to shade cells along a range of colors based on their value.

We’d love to hear more from those of you who would use this – what specific types of data would you want to format, and why? What colors would you use, and what thresholds would affect the color?

For those of you who have used similar features in spreadsheets or other apps, how do you use it? How many colors do you blend between? When do you set the scale based on number, percent, percentile, formula, etc?



hi @nathan , great idea, colors are so powerful

In this public doc you see how I make an inventory of the colors of clients I work with

They not always have all the colors i need, so I look related colors up via the URL you find in the table, as such I can go from a certain kind of green (for 5 on 5) to a certain kind of related red when 1 is the response.

Clients like to see their colors coming back in any presenation, it makes their data more ‘theirs’.

best, Christiaan

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Hey @nathan
two examples of that feature and my experience with it:

Bad Example: Google Data Studio (called heatmaps there)
Sounds handy, but was broken so often, that we had to turn it off again in 90% of the cases.

  • Bad contrast, because text color didn’t change with the background.
  • Often weird behaviour because the shade was decided dynamically. So if you have 30 values and all values are between 2 and 9 except that one runaway which has a value of 90, the 90 is dark, all others are almost in the same light shade and the feature is useless.

Good Example: Google Spreadsheets
Easy configuration with 2-3 clicks and it just works

  • Lets me set a min/mid/mix and the colours, so I can create your own shades. Still used standard green & red in 90% of times
  • I never set a mid-value or colour
  • Same problem with contrast though

In terms of Coda I’d like to

  • be able to decide the color
  • decide if it should be dynamically shaded or set a custom min & max
  • set custom value optionally with a formula (like in the normal coda conditional formats). Can image use cases like shade by text length or calculate conditions by referring to other columns

Additonal feedback to colors:
In general in Coda I miss the opportunity to enter a custom hex color and save/share it as a reusable custom color for the team/doc. But can’t say if I miss it because I’m used to it in other apps or bc I really need it…


I use this to ‘scale’ things with color.
In the following there are an infinite number of shades, based on three prime colors (green, yellow and red), where green is for the optimum score of 0, yellow is sort of neutral (1) and red is pretty bad (2) (for who is interested, this graphically shows the quotient of financial claims and collected funds.


When used on a number of different clients, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ really jump out:

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Just circling back to say thank you for your feedback! Our v1 of color scales launched today :slight_smile: Launched: Color scales