Launched: Color scales

“Should I sort this data in descending order by values in my number column to show a trend? Or should I sort this data alphabetically by a text column so my viewers can quickly scan for the rows that matter to them?”

With today’s update, hopefully this a question you get to ask yourself much less frequently.

Introducing: Color scales in Coda.

Now, instead of creating a variety of rules with your conditional formats or formulas, you can see trends in numeric data and spot outliers with a single conditional formatting rule. Like our other conditional formats, color scales apply to a single column by default, but you can extend them to other columns and/or entire rows.

With this first version of color scales, we’ve enabled presets based on min, max and mid-point values. In the future, we hope to offer more customization, support for formulaic scales, percents and much more. Hopefully this first step helps you visualize your even more powerfully in Coda!


For the record, Tony Stark is also in the 10 appearance club; he was just lower on the list alphabetically and got cut off :slight_smile:


On a roll with the updates! First a chrome web clipper, custom templates and now colour scales :tada: Thank you so much, you folks are amazing!

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This is awesome!

Is there a Tweet for this so I can retweet it? :smiley:


I’d expect to see an update on the account in the next day or so!


This is really nice feature to have, simplifies color formatting in many cases :smiley:


Nice. Thank you. Can’t wait to test it out.


Is this fully rolled out yet? I don’t seem to see it on my account.

Hi @Steven_Yan,

Yes, this is fully rolled out. Create a new doc and give it a try on a number column. If you have an existing doc and you are trying it on a number column and still not seeing it, you can write into support and we can check.

Worked on the new doc, but not the existing one. I’ll write into support, thank you!

A lot of times it just takes a full re-load of the doc in your browser (obvious suggestion I know, but worth calling out).

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Yep, if you’re not seeing any feature we launch, I’d always suggest refreshing your tab. Most updates we push will not happen automatically. You’ll have to reload the tab yourself to pick up the changes.

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Whoa whoa yesterday I just thought about this feature and now it’s launched :joy: cmon Codan, y’all start freaking me out!


Thank you for this!!


One thing I would like as a selection is a simple negative = red, zero = white, positive = green for eg. currency columns. So if I understood correctly, forcing the midpoint to be 0.0 the max and mimimum could be still using the real values, providing that max > 0, min < 0

Something like:
Set 0.0 as the mid-point (default is average of the values)

Also the color scales seem a bit harsh, I’d prefer a bit more suble colors to keep the text easily readable.

I got this:
Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 11.44.14

But I was expecting more like this:
Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 11.48.09


In addition It would be great if I could create my own color scale of five different text/background combinations.
So maybe have the scales provided by Coda and below that custom scales per doc. Or at least one custom scale per doc, shared by all tables.

negative and positive is a big deal

We’d love to enable positive/negative, different colors and other settings! For this first release we focused on a few common presets, but designed the underlying model with flexibility so we can offer more customization in the future.


Love this thanks Codans! :heart_eyes:


This is really nice update!

One thing that I noticed is that all pallets are quite pale and neither of them help with good contrasts. Neither of them works with white text.

I would suggest adding some more scales which are bit more contrast and a grey scale.