Conditional Formatting Improvement Suggestions

Hey all! New to Coda. Love it, but would like to see these things implemented into the conditional formatting options:

1. Color Picker that accepts HEX values, or allows for selection from a gradient

  • I work with people who are color blind, and the ability to have more fine control over exactly what colors we are setting in the conditional formatting options would be massively helpful
  • The fact that the default options (above the button for ‘custom’ colors’) aren’t all replicated within the custom color picker is often frustrating. I like the hue of blue in the default options better than the two blue hues in the custom color picker, and wish I could select more gradient versions of it.
  • Also increases ability to make small distinctions using color. For example I have two different columns using light colored backgrounds for cells. Both ‘High Priority’ cells in the priority column, and ‘Errands’ cells in the Context column of my task manager have light red backgrounds. It would be nice to be able to nudge them slightly along the hue spectrum in different directions so they look more different.
  • Also more options = more beautiful. I so often wish I could make something just slightly lighter, or get the color in between two of the available options for basic aesthetic reasons. I’d love to make some columns earthtones for ex, but brown is currently a no-go

2. Allow for text size, cell alignment, to be changed in conditional formatting

  • Some cells in some charts end up being large colored blocks with tiny text in them. My priority column would look much nicer if “High” was in a bigger font.
  • Only current workaround: If it’s a text row, I can format the text inside it as a heading (though I lose the ability to change text color if I do that, and have to apply it again for every new row), but if it is a select list or lookup, there is no way to do it.

3. Allow individualized selection of which conditional rules are inherited from the primary table view.

  • I realize I can just add more rules to the other views, but I’ve run into some weird instances with that where it makes things harder.
  • Sometimes adding new conditions to the primary table causes issues that need to be fixed with new rules in multiple sub-views to correct for it. If those sub views only applied a couple of the conditions from the main table to begin with, new conditions wouldn’t change anything in sub views unless i applied them on purpose
  • The other option currently is to never inherit, which functionally means recreating certain rules over and over again in each new view
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Just want to follow up my own request with some resources I’ve found by searching the community that help do parts of what I want with formulas.

Would still love a more UI based solution, but I wanted to share these in case others who see my thread find them useful as I did

Another reason I’d like more fine-grained control over the colors is related to color scales, sometimes the existence of a couple outliers skews the spread so far that most of the variability goes underutilized

Like in this image, 27 and 18 are outliers, meaning very little variation in the shades from 1-10 where I actually need it most